Sunday, July 20, 2014


I am outwitted be the animals and bugs. After planting my vegetables, to keep the chickens out of the garden I enclosed their coop with a flimsy enclosure, then one day about a week ago I saw them roaming the yard. I thought I fixed the place they got out but when I went out to weed who should appear but the two chickens looking for worms as I pulled the weeds and uncovered the dirt. I put them back in their enclosure and watched. One of they them is smarter then the other. The original way to get out didn't work so the darker colored chicken jumped up on the the pen that is part of their coop and after looking over the situation took off and flew over the three foot wire fence. Now the both of them are happily free and going where they please. One photo shows them taking a dust bath up by the flower bed I just weeded. 
These chickens lay huge eggs as you can see in the photo.
Now I must spent time building a higher, stronger fence. 
You probably think I have beautiful prolific gardens, because I take great photos of the flowers and vegetables. I don't show you the weeds and bug eaten vegetables. Well here is a photo of a bug eaten kale plant, hardly surviving.
One day I was talking to Doug, my brilliant son on the computer with face time and the lamp shade was over his head. It was so funny I took a photo with my camera of the computer screen.

The cove I live near. The place I paint. The place where I swim and go for a paddle in the kayak.

   Sorry we are not home right now. We flew over the chicken coop.
Would anyone like to help mow the lawn and weed the garden?  I need goats not chickens.

Is this an angel or a guy with a dunce cap?

big eggs

This is fun. Taking a dirt bath.

where are we going? 

always together

the bugs are wining

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Summer is here at last. It was a long wait. Some things in the garden are doing well and others not. I have been eating lettuce for weeks and now it is bolting. Nothing else is ready to eat. Last year I had the best carrots I have ever grown and this year very few have come up. Bugs are bad. They have their favorite vegetables. They have eaten all the broccoli and most kale. Even the summer squash is not doing well. It is a sad day when I have to buy zucchini.
Water is still cold in the cove. I have been in a few times but not for long. The older I get the colder the water feels.
The fire flies have been great this year. I love watching them. I haven'y walked much at night because of the mosquitoes.
There is more to do here than I can handle. My main objective is to keep the weeds in the gardens to a minimum so the vegetables can grow. I do not understand why weeds grow so much faster then the vegetables. The grasses and other plants that grow in the so called lawn are now about 10 inches high. I haven't  mowed for about three weeks. The perennial flowers in my overcrowded, overgrown garden are big and beautiful. They bring so much pleasure to look at.
I have been sitting in the galleries, walking the dog and going to the jazz jams twice a month, and the reading group once a week. I paint as much as possible, thirty two so far. I have painted some small ones but they take as much time as the larger paintings. I just can't do loose and fast.

Sage in flower.  First time I had it winter over. It is a mystery to me

White Mauve with the sage.  Beautiful flower. Not invasive like the pink one

Feverfew comes up every year.  Seeds itself. This is the largest plant I have had

Sun drops

Poppies in the vegetable garden. Come up from last summers seed

This peony has a beautify color the camera can not capture

Here it is July 9th and I am planting basil again along with cucumbers and kale.
Bugs and weather have done them in.

Sage and garlic

Garlic scapes, so beautiful

Young cabbages

Beets and Johnny Jump Ups

Friday, June 6, 2014

Great Art

Yesterday I had to go to Damariscotta and in the book store found a new book by Andrew Wyeth called Looking Out , Looking In. Most of the paintings in the book I had never seen. The Farnsworth Museum has 1000 of his paintings and drawings. It is astounding how much work he produced. When I got home I looked the book  up on amazon to check prices and seeing other interesting books I ended up on a site that had hundreds of images of many artists, living and dead. I was very humbled and inspired by their works. It is amazing how many great artists there are that I don't know anything about. I tried taking photos  of some of the paintings with my camera shooting at the computer. To my amazement many came out pretty good. To be living at a time when anything we want to know can be found on the computer is incredible.
Below are some of the painting images I took from the computer. Four of the paintings are mine. which three are they? They are easy to pick out.

Monday, June 2, 2014

We are connected.

I have been interested in esoteric material since I read the Seth books back in the seventies.
What I copied from a resent reading is below. This has to do with what has happened to me or for me in the last week, the response of the movie about me. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love for those who sent uplifting thoughts. We are all in need of appreciation. We all carry wounds that need to be removed, and we may not know the causes or even what they are. Acts of kindness, of thoughtfulness go straight to the heart. You have reached my heart. I know this sounds wo, wo but I mean it. I thank you from my heart.
 Christ said I am the way, the truth, and the life. You will do greater things then I do. He was the for-runner, the example of what we are now becoming as we evolve into being HUMAN.

It is no longer "I AM." It is "WE ARE." This is not a singular path anymore. It is a collective one. We are the way, the truth, the life. We are the love, the wisdom, the power. Jeshua says that what is being transmitted to us now is an egoless power, one that is not used with force but with love. This new power is the way of the future: the power of love, unity, and respect for all life. wisdom, and power. We are our ancestor's children, 
This part of our evolution isn't something we accomplish on our own anymore. It is something we do as a "We" and "Us," from the "One." This is not a sojourn, like it was in days past, where we would go into a cave by ourselves. This is something we do together now as a group, as a "We," as "Us," as "The One." 

The blocks that we have in our memory/programing that hamper accepting who we are, are being removed as we move into higher vibrations.We are afraid if we accept this part of ourselves it might be perceived as ego or arrogance. That is tricky, because we are holding ourselves back - because we don't want to be perceived as arrogant, special, or better than others.Yet we each are of equal value to every other human being on this planet, and this includes all the people from those who carry out atrocities, on the Earth all the way up to the living saints. We are the new living Masters of Earth. We are the conscious family of Earth. 

Yesterday's Jazz Jam      Sunday jazz jam held first sunday of the month

Yes this small child is listening. For me music is the most emotional art form.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Creativity in Maine

Last Friday May 23, an event was held in Waldoboro that showed a shot documentary about me. It was the premier of the movie. Also that night Mike Whitehead’s jazz group played. This group is as good as the best. My husband started the jazz jams years ago and Mike has continued them, the first Sunday of every month. Now they are held in Thomaston at the Highlands cafe. I sketch at the jams, and about 25 sketches were matted and and displayed at the Friday event along with Julian Sack’s work who also likes jazz and sketches the musicians at the jams. For me it is a night I will never forget. The movie was being made in spurts for a few years and I didn’t know it had been completed so it was a surprise for me. A few years ago Holly Haining said she wanted to make a movie about me and she came over and did some interviews and filmed the places I paint. She did this in conjunction with the local TV cable station in this area. Mary Ellen Crowley who works at the station and knows how to do everything did most of the editing. They were recording my stories and I had no idea what was used in the movie because some of the stories were recorded several times due to sound problems. It all came together in a beautiful way and they did a great job. The movie will be shown on channel 7 in this area this week the last week of May. 

A great many creative people move to Maine because it is so beautiful, and many like the quiet country lifestyle, many like the energy of water and some find the mountains stimulating. A few talented people go to the metropolitan areas to seek fame and fortune, many equally talented want to pursue their creative nature and find places where their surroundings nurture and enhance their creativity. 

I think my children believe I live in an area where there isn’t much happening.  When Charlie and I moved to Maine we didn’t know anyone. Charlie found many talented musicians to work with. I believe there are more creative people per population in Maine then in any other State. That is just my observation. There are poets, writers, musicians,  artists, crafts, movie makers, etc, and people that love and appreciate all the arts. There are symphony orchestras, choral groups, and theater. The musicians in Mike Whitehead’s jazz group are as good as any musicians you can hear in a big city. I have many creative friends that I enjoy their company and conversations. There is no place more stimulating then right here where I live. If you follow your heart you will be where you should be. 

below sketches and paintings of artists, musicians and listeners  I can't seem to get these to line up

Friday, May 23, 2014

Winslow Homer's studio

This last Mother’s day was the best I have ever had. Doug and Christina bought tickets for Winslow Homer’s Studio tour. The Portland Museum takes you there and back and the docent gives a talk on Winslow’s life and time spent at Prout’s Neck. The weather was perfect. I stood right where several of the great surf scenes were painted. They were painted in the studio but observed during the storms or right after a storm when the waves were still powerful. Homer stayed into the fall and winter so he could experience the storms that were more frequent during those times of the year. He must have spent hours watching the action of the waves.  Homer is one of my favorite painters.

 The ocean was calm when we were there as it probably is most of the time.  There is a path along the shore that is public. I have made a made a few surf paintings but my success is due to photos that capture the action. Homer’s paintings can be appreciated more because he relied on memory and skill. He captured the drama, energy, and power of moving water.  Rocks and water are my favorite subject to paint and most of the scenes I paint are of Back Cove where I live. Homer loved  dramatic ocean  scenes open and wild,  I prefer intimate and calm.

Winshow Homer Cannon Rock

Impact 24 x 24
Sufr at Pemaquid Point

Island Beyond
rocks in my cove

Moving Energy
sufr at Pemaquid Point

September Sunset      sold
from an island in my cove

Setting Sun
rocks in my cove

Shore Dock
rocks in my cove

Surf #1       sold
surf at Pemaquid Point

Surf #3       sold

The Lookour Rock
rocks on my cove

Watchers       sold
surf at Pemaquid