Tuesday, March 21, 2017

paintings that express the essence of people

I look at other artist work on the internet, because I get pleasure , inspiration, and gratitude for those that paint so well. There are artists that capture the soul of a person, not an easy thing to do, and I am in awe of them. Below are a few of my favorit. I consider myself a landscape painter but a few times I have painted people. I got a lot of practice at protraits when I was in charge of the protrait class at Round Top, in Damariscotta, once a week for several years. I can capture the likeness but not the soul.

Man in a turbin

Lady with the hair pin

I'm with Rembrant

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Images of paintings

Two of the 5 watercolors I have painted this year
St. No 1018   Watercolor 14 x 21
Twilight Ya Po Ah   Watercolor 14 x 21
finished  canvas  pink triangle 12 x 12
Now that I have some canvases I have completed  2 acrylics. I am showing the progression as I work them out
first color
add and change colors

finished painting triangles 12 x 12

design first step

continue to add and change

first color on canvas

Sunday, March 5, 2017

abstraction with geometry

Back in art school the design class taught  composition., which is the arrangement of shapes, values and colors into a unified, balanced  picture. We learned the golden section and the fibonacci sequence as a way to divide retangles into sections. I became interested in the geometric shapes and numbers  when I got a book on the crop circles. I can divide a circle from 3 , the triangle to 9 sides called a nonagon.
I work out my sacred geometry designs on 8x11 graft paper with a small pencil compass  I work them out through trial and error. The geometric shapes are as accurate as possible, with what I have to work with. I then transfer to large canvas with charcoal stick tied to a thread. At this point I have no idea about colors or values. I get ideas from other artists paintings that I research from the internet or from my books. These paintings take me a while to design and paint. There is a lot of colors tried and painted over.  The drawings, below the other artists works, are what I have been working on  recently. Most of my paintings and supplies are in storage. Christina took me over the other day and I now have some canvas to paint on and 3 of my  paintings that I hung  up in my alcove. I have painted over 50 sacred geometry paintings.

art that I look at to get ideas for shapes and colors

I like Bonnards colors

geomertic drawings