Monday, May 22, 2017

Rhododendron Festival

Florence bridge
Sunday I went on the Ya Po Ah bus trip to the Rhododendron Festival in the coastal town of Florence. The road to the coast passes through hills following the river. Rhododendrons, witches’ broom, wild iris, lupin, and dogwood can be seen along the roadside. The beautiful bridge is in Florence. Crafts, food vendors and a small Carnival are set up along the boardwalk and the downtown shops and restaurant are close by on the Bay. There is an exhibition of rhododendrons, an amazing variety of colors and shapes from very small to large clusters of blossoms. Hundreds of families come in to watch the parade and they stake out there places with their chairs. They were there long before the parade started.  The parade is a community event, with high school bands, clowns, dressed up dogs, horses, and floats. I am not a parade fan but this one was fun and reminded me of the 4th of July parades in Roundpond ME. Along with the many children there were many dogs and even a pig. It is a tradition the bikers come to the festival and there are hundreds of bikes parked side by side down down. For those that like bikes they were awesome. It was a beautiful day and just the right temperature. We all, ten of us on the bus,  had a good time and most came home with a small treasure bought in one of the shops or craft tents.
along the river

witches's broom
I love stones so I bought these pendants. Each one about 2 in big.


motorcycles parked downtown

along the board walk


this horse was performing that special walk. It was beautiful to watch.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms. Hope you all can be with your children and have a nice day together.
Despite the persistent rain and cool weather the gardens are growing well as seen in the painting below, cabbages in one of the raised beds. Just had a rainbow yesterday, windy day as the flag on Skinners Butte is blowing strait out, great clouds. The Rhododendrons are blooming, so many kinds and colors. The roses also are starting to blossom. I went to the outside farmers market this morning, bought vegetables,( beets below) and some vegetable starts for my garden. Lot of people buy the cut flowers

gardens at Ya Po Ah

flowers at the market

from my window

beautiful peony



Wednesday, April 26, 2017

One year at Ya Po Ah

Spring Morning
from my window on the 14th floor

One year ago I moved into my studio apartment on the14 floor of  Ya Po AH  Terrace. I was pleasantly surprised to meet many interesting people and I participate in some of the activities, Tai Chi, the philosophy group, and the many scheduled events at YaPoAH and trips to the coast and around Eugene. The park and river is on the back side of Ya Po Ah and down town on the front side. I have one of the many garden plots where the residents grow vegetables and flowers.This area is beautiful with many older homes, of the victorian style. I couldn’t be living in a better place in Eugene for my artistic satisfaction.
Last year spring was warm and sunny, this spring is cooler and rainy. Because of the milder climate there are many more kinds of plants, trees and flowers. Spring here is magnificent. I get so much pleasure from walking around and looking at everything. Everything grows profusely , the bushes and hedges are trimmed into round and rectangular shapes, so different from the wild way plants are left to grow in Maine. I have put images on my blogspot so you can see what I am trying to explain. Every day I take a walk at least a half hour. I read, paint, and look at other artists art on the internet. There is so much great art out there I am humbled. I listen to Democracy Now and research stuff, like ancient civilizations ,archeology and spiritual information. The time goes by quickly. I am free as I alway have been to do what I want when I want. I go to Chris’s farm when the weather is better about once a week and I hang out there and paint for a couple of hours. Chris is a wonderful cook and I get to have a great meal at his house, which is 10 minutes drive from Ya Po Ah, may be once or twice a month. There are no financial worries, which was always a problem in my entire life up to now although Charlie and I alway had what we needed, and we did make our living doing what we loved to do. 
The one problem that I have is what to do with all my paintings that are in storage. I may donate them to a non profit organization where they can be sold or auctioned off an I will get  a percentage. I have to do something.I plan to talk to a gallery owner where Chris has had his work and see what help I can get.
My health is OK but my energy is nothing like it was before I had congestive heart failure and of course the pace maker saved my life. Now it is slow and easy.  I love life and I love living, and I am thankful for every day, for the beauty of my suroundings and for the interaction of the people around me. So that is it in a nut shell. 
I am looking forward to a trip to ME in the summer. Doug and Christina are living in my house in Waldoboro so it will be good to go back to my old home.

hazel nut trees

maple tree blossoms ,  edible

wild flowers

Path on Skinner Butte

Ya Po Ah