Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The rally

 the rainbow umbrella  all inclusive, unity
Many people were shocked by the result of our election.
 below another statement I read.
Change is often created by a major event or a “push” in consciousness. In this case, it’s not the push caused by the one who got elected, but rather it’s the push by those who are affected. What systems need change? Is it time to address many things which are old in the government? Will people be pushed to see wiser ways, fix broken things, and react? If so, then the wild card is doing exactly what it was supposed to do.

Rally in Eugene
Today are rallies all over the country in surport of Standing Rock, the right for people everywhere to have good water, the right to demonstrate and stand for what is just, not only native Americans but for all people. The rain did not keep the people away.

This evening I went to see the movie Snowden at a theater that is a short walk from Ya Po AH. One person that put his life on the line to expose surveillance on citizens, a country where freedom and justice is our right, where free press is meant to keep citizens informed about the truth, and what is the truth., do we really know. It is under fix broken things.

One more thing. Does anyone have my Xmas letter for 2010. I am putting them in a book because  I misplace of lose them on the computer.  Since my memory is not so great, they are a record for me of what I have done in my life.   my email is audreybechler@gmail.com

The mother put her coat over the baby carrage whe it started to rain hard

Sunday, November 13, 2016


sunrise out my window

from some of the articles I have read since the election   11 11 is a powerful number

Realize that this bigger than you are – beyond one single election. This is a worldwide primal scream against a corrupt Western system that has benefited only a tiny proportion of the population. It is happening all over Europe now.

Find common ground. The enemies emphatically are not the people who voted for Trump. They are people whose lives aren’t working who were being ignored by the liberal establishment.

The key to your power is a single unified voice. As Elizabeth Warren just announced, ‘We will stand up to bigotry. There is no compromise here. In all its forms, we will fight back against attacks on Latinos, African Americans, women, Muslims, immigrants, disabled Americans – on anyone. Whether Donald Trump sits in a glass tower or sits in the White House, we will not give an inch on this, not now, not ever.”
Trump wanted the job. So let’s hold his foot to the fire, and demand that he become a better person, stand for more high-minded ideals and be a more inclusive President for all Americans.
So don’t mourn – do. Figure out what you can do to make for peaceful revolution. And then go do it.

Our economic situation must change.  Trump purpose...to seed the transformational change on the earth.  On the surface it looks like he will do damage, but he will not.  To create a new economic system for the future.  He will not be making drastic changes but will amend things that will make them work.  You will see language very different from his past.    We just busted apart old structures that Hillary was a part of. People do not want more of an old broke system.  Much of what Trump has said is more in alignment with handing over the keys to the people...less government.  You are missing it if you are feeling fear and angst.  t  This is a wonderful time we are entering.  The old is falling away.    If you are latching onto fear you are creating more of that.  We have created a split society which is fear...in that fear comes transformation.

Incredible things are about to unfold. .  The frequencies of the planet are so high now that they cannot sustain the old heavy energies of 3D anymore.  It is not about having the first female president.  We are so beyond that. It is about bringing forth the Divine Feminine and balancing that with the Masculine.  You have to step up into your true Creatorship.  If you don't have your heart in the right place you will not be a part of co-creating what we desire.  It is a great challenge for society to become more empowered to create what we want.   Allow the new to come in.. Focus on the higher light. This is the spiritual conversation.  Don't get caught up in the old heavy energies.

                                          Weekend Replays
                          Kenji Kumara 11:11 Portal Opening

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mushrooms and Halloween

 This morning when I looked out the window I saw the rainbow toward the west and in the east the sun rising over the horizon.

A week ago I went with a group from Ya Po Ah to the anual mushroom festival held in a park in 
Eugene. It was raining but the display of mushrooms were in a building, hundreds of varieties of mushrooms. There were booths with displays and products for sale and food venders. One part had a scare crow competition with about 20  set up among the trees. Many people of all ages attended the event.

 Halloween I went down town to watch the trick and treaters, children of all ages and their parients. Shops that had treats put ballons out and there was a map for parents to follow. Even the dogs were decked out. People were walking around having a good time.

Many witches

ninja turtles were everywhere

the youngest one in costume

 The sun was out Thursday and I had to go down town and took these photos

I am looking into a window reflection. You can see me  under the  mans arm.

graffiti is everywhere

These round containers are all over the city on sidewalks and they have trees and plants growing in them

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall in Eugene

The victorian Mansion next to Ya Po Ah
 After a week of rain the sun came out just in time for a trip from Ya Po Ah to see the covered bridges in and around Cottage Grove, half an hour fron Eugene. There are a couple more weeks of the outdoor market and then they move inside to the holiday market that continues to Christmas. It being a beautiful warm day this last Saturday many people were out and about. I spent a couple of hours watching the people.
Yesterday on the way home  I looked up and saw these Kites flying above Ya Po Ah

She has a baby strapped to her front and holds a baby in her arms

The dog is inside his shirt and has a puppet attached to his neck

I love the outfits. How about the lady with the zig-zag skirt and guy with the skull and bones.

plenty of good food 

dancing to classical music

This is where the 1924 movie the General was made. It is fameous for the train wreck scene.

The farm land is flat and the hills are all around