Monday, October 2, 2017

road and sidewalk signs and details

Since moving to Eugene one of the things that fascinates me are the wide streets and road signs. Back in Waldoboro Maine streets are narrow, two lane, winding, and up and down hills. One is lucky to have a white line at the edge of the road and a line in the middle of the road. Passing is taking your life in your hands. I have taken about 200 photos of the streets and sidewalks and all of the signs , culverts, water drains etc. I plan to make some paintings. I love the abstract shapes and details.

I remember a few days ago that I have a book of photos taken by Arnold Newman. He gave a class at a photography school in Rockport Maine, a town close to Waldoboro and I went over and had my book signed by him. He also liked road signs so I include a couple of his. 

my shadow

interesting light

freshly painted arrows and the yellow car was parked there

samon design in circle

phote of wall with bike rider pasing by on street

imprint of oak leaves on sidewalk

interesting symble in round cover

bike path
bucking bronco or use your imagination

Friday, September 15, 2017

Paintings on Bigger's Paper

Mike Bigger gave me a life time supply of  heavy strong paper. I primed it with gesso and painted on it with acrylic paint. I also used it when I started painting abstracts. Many of my best paintings are on this paper. Below are some of the  paintings using Bigger's paper.

Paper Pile A
Red Triangles
Spaced Lines
Winter Night
Summer House
Pot in the window
Foot Prints
Gallery Space
Portrait Class
Charlie at Work
Tower Illusion
Breakfast Table
Barn Roof
Stars and Stripes
Back Stairs
Doug Carving
Built for Comfort

Thursday, September 14, 2017


In my last blog I had a photo of the sculpture by Mike Bigger. In the Newburyport days when all the creative people moved to Newburyport Mike rented space in one of the factories on Water St. In that building he found left behind large rolls of heavy paper. I was one of the artists that was given a supply of this paper and have many works painted on it. I still have some of this paper and I always called it Bigger’s paper. I also have a sculpture that is now with Doug and Christina at my old home on Back cove. I recently Googled his name to find out what happened to him and I came up with the following. Do any of you still in Newburyport remember him?

Known internationally for his large, colorful metal compositions and outsized personality, sculptor Michael D. Bigger was also a charismatic teacher whose dynamic classroom style energized generations of students at Minneapolis College of Art and Design where he taught for more than 20 years.

n a 45 year exhibition career, he showed his work at galleries and museums in New York City, Chicago, Mexico City,  and throughout Texas. His work is featured in corporate and museum collections around the country including the Oakland Museum of Art, Cincinnati Zoological Society, Vassar College and the San Antonio Museum of Art. In Minnesota he exhibited at Franconia Sculpture Park and the Western Sculpture Park in St. Paul among other sites.

I do have several sculptures that I brought  to Eugene, by Joyce Audy Zarins, from Newburyport, one by Chris  my son,  Trudy Curtis, ( the rabbit) and John Lorence artists friends in Maine. When I lived in Maine I had one of Doug’s large wood sculptures, the one that looks like an abstract pod. While I was researching Mike I came across sculpture and architecture  that is sculptural so I will put a few of those images in. All I can say is we live in amazing times in an amazing world and thanks for all the creative people that enrich our lives.

Mike Bigger
Mike bigger
my sculpture by Mike
Doug's Sculpture

Joyce Zarins

Rayal Villa, Miami FL

Rail Trails US

Architectural concepts by Roman Vlasov

Tower Dubai

Ribbin Chapel Hiroshima Japan