Friday, August 26, 2016

Life is Interesting, enjoy it

keeping cool

It is hot here in Eugene. I ride my trike to the river every day and float around in the water. I watch the people on rafts and inter tubes float by in the current and I would like to do that. Well coming home on my trike I ran into anotherYa Po Ah resident and was talking to them about this and they have inter tubes and so I am going with them today and I will be floating down the river. Put out the intention and it may materialize.  Look for synchronicities.

                                                                   The outdoor market
tomatoes are in

This is a beautiful display. See the flowers in the vegetables

I don't usually express my feelings about politics, however  I was ammazed when Bernie said he was running for president last year. I thought back then, as an honest politician with integrity he won't get anywhere. If you don't play ball with the system  your out. Well they certainly ignored and excluded him, but he kept gaining more and more support. The people want the changes he talked about, getting big money out of politics and all the money he raised was from the people. I think he was surprised he got as far as he did. I watched with fascination and hope as his movement grew. Following all the subversive tactics to block him, in reality I think he won. These are just my observations and my opinions. So now many people are in a quandary, who to vote for. Hillery still represents the old system. Do you vote for the lessor of two evils. As far as I am concerned this vote is still based on fear. Fear is the tool that has controlled people for thousands of years. Do not make decisions  based on fear. "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein, We have the  power, people power to bring about change. I watched Our Revolution, and the controversy over Jeff Weavers's appointment.  We don't know what goes on behing the scenes. No one is perfect, but the movement is strong, the ideas and actions are moving in the right direction. I do not believe this movement will accept money that is given for favors.

This is certainly interesting times, all the disclosers. What is the truth?  I go with my heart. I feel we are coming into a beautiful time. Change is happening fast, maybe two steps forward and one step back. I feel like I am watching a play and can hardly wait for the last act.  There will be a few mishaps along the way but there is a happy ending. My world is one of light, Always new ways are born from chaos. We are moving down the tunnel toward the light. It is there within sight, run toward it.
I just watched on you tube comments made by a 13 year old physicist. Watch it.
                                                                   We the people
watching an outdoor play

watching the play

I like this women's outfit, tiger dress and straw hat

Sunday, August 14, 2016

famous artists that painted on Monhegan and Isle of Shoals

Many famous painters have painted on the ME islands. Unfortunately Monhegan is now like grand central station. Summertime the island is crowded with artists and tourist. It is dramatic and quaint.

 The painting above by Jamie Wyeth, I saw at the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland a couple years ago. It absolutely blew me away. I actually felt energy in my body. The water is charged with energy, It is moving, spontanous, free. The paint technique is so lose and yet real and alive. The mood just penetrated me. It is one of my favorite paintings.  I believe one has to see the real painting to feel the connection of the artist.

Below are someof my favorite painters that painted on Monhegan.

Jamie Wyeth

Rockwell Kent

Rockwell Kent  I saw a show of his paintings at the Portland Museum

George Bellows

Edward Hopper

Paul Strisik is a painter from Rockport when I lived there years ago

George Bellows

Don Stone is an artist that also lived in Rockport when I lived there. He painted in watercolor in the early years

Don Stone
Don Stone   He died 2015 at 85 years old
Friderick Waugh painted on Monhegan

Frederick Waugh  one of the great surf painters
painting surf in one of the most differcult subjects to paint.

Celia Tharter staeted an artist colony on the Isle of Shoals back in the 1880ies. Many artists, musicians went there. She had beautiful flower gardens and planted many poppies. I wish I could see the island  as it was then. There are many small islands but now tourists go to Star Island where the big hotel is.
Sam Sargent

Childe Hassam born in Dorchester MA

Childe Hassam

Childe Hassam

Friday, August 12, 2016

Maine Excursions

On my next to  last day in MA before  going back to Eugene Christina , Doug and myself took a trip to Isle ofshoals.

Right by the dock is a small beach, mostly seaweed and rocks. I took a little swim and the water was not freezing cold.

 This is my 3rd trip tp Mongegan. The last trip The digital camera was a new invention, at least I did not own one, so that was a few years ago. Doug and I took a day trip. There is electricity on the island now in most places, more buildings, but it remains about the same. We walked through the village and hiked some of the cliff side. Many artists have painted scenes of Mongegan. It has everything. dramatic rock formations, cliffs  and quaint homes and fishing structures.

watercolor painted from trip years ago

I love the design of these skiffs

watercolor painted from past trip

Saturday, August 6, 2016

outside activities

On warm days I ride my bike to the river. There is a little beach where people go to get into the water.  The ducks and geese also like it there because people feed them. As you can see they are quite tame and swim among the people. It is fun to be with them in the water as I float around and they are only a couple of feet from me.
 Last Sunday downtown, streets near where I live were closed to cars.There were activities to watch and many people were walking and riding their bikes. The dancers did a zombie dance that was great. I enjoy seeing so many people of all ages, and races. I like the outfits they wear. There are a lot of street people, they sleep along the river, and on benches.Many have a pet dog, a bike and their belongings in knapsacks and plastic bags. It makes me sad to see them.

bike path along the river

first they go one way

and then they go the other

zombie dance

trees and flowers on the sidewalks