Saturday, May 21, 2016

Newburyport Show

Pink  House Watercolor
There is a reproduction of this painting for sale.Go to the blogspot that has the  list of paintings. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

rose garden

I walked to flower garden yesterday. The park  on the other side of Skinners Bute, follows the river and about a mile from where I live  is the rose garden now in full bloom. I was amazed at the variety of roses, and at the size of the climbing roses.  There are many places to sit, look, smell, and relax or meditate. Lots of people walking around. I was surprised by the size of the garden and overwhelmed  by the beauty

Friday, May 13, 2016

Audrey at the Newburyport Art Association in June

The paintings are priced. If you wish to buy one before the show email me and I will post sold beside painting. Paintings must be paid for at the Newburyport Art Association. At the show there will be a red sticker on painting to indicate sold.  email

Alice Zingaro, Marge Motes, Doug and Christina are organizing a show of my work at the Newburyport art Association All my paintings, except for the paintings seen below  are now in Eugene. Doug wants me to come back for the  show. Will any of you from the Newburyport area
come see the show? If I do come back I will be at the art association at much as possible to see old friends.

Road to Plum Island 18 x 24
Press release
                                                                  MY LIFE ON THE EAST COAST

                                                         Paintings by Audrey Bechler   

                                              Newburyport Art Association   65 Water St
Tue June 28th to Sunday July 3rd. 2016 . Opening reception, Thurs June 30th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm  

I will always be tied to the east coast. It is the place I love the most. I lived in Newburyport Ma and  Waldoboro Me for a totol of 48 years. I was there  in Newburyport, when the members of the art association bought the building on water St.  All of us, not that many back then pitched in and cleaned up the building and made it presentable to hang the members works and have shows.I probably have the longest run of one person shows as I had one every year I lived there and continued  having them after I moved to ME. I was president for a couple of years and I taught watercolor classes inside and plain air for many years. 

 I have moved to Oregon from a place I love dearly. I have a new home near my youngest son. The Willamette River runs just behind my new place, so I’ll be able to walk along it. I’ll find many beautiful subjects to paint in Oregon, as I always have where ever I have lived. It is new and exciting but I often think of the home I left. 

I will have another show at the Newburyport art Association and I hope all those that remember me, or know of me will come to this show. I painted hundreds of paintings in Newburyport of the streets, waterfront and marshes. I will have some paintings in the show of scenes of the area, and scenes of ME. 

As much as I love my surroundings, I also like to paint abstractly. With these paintings, I can paint shapes, and color without attachment to recognizable forms. However, all of my abstracts are inspired by something I see.

I was born with artistic  ability, and I have used his  ability from childhood to this day. I am open to seeing in diverse ways and am inspired by many things. I love the whole process of painting, including the working of the parts into a balanced, harmonious whole. My only motive is to express beauty. to express the joy I receive when I observe my suroundings. Each painting is a challenge, since my learning process never ends. In everything we do as humans we strive for balance, for harmony, because we are connected to each other and all of nature—to the earth itself. For me, art and life are reflections of each other. 

I love the New England weather and all its different seasons. I will not again experience a wild snowy Nor’easter or a cold dark Christmas with candle lights in windows. However, I will not have to deal with trying to warm a frigid house, carrying wood, shoveling snow, or walking down an icy driveway. I will continue to document New Englands  beauty as I work from my many photos. Though I live and paint in Oregon now, in my heart and memory, the east coast  will always be with me 

To find out more about me, my bio, google my name , go to my blog, watch the video Reflections made where I lived on Back Cove. To see paintings of Newburyport go to plogspot November 12, 2015

March Day, Marches Hill  not framed

Maine Islands 12 x 24  $500.00

Marsh in Fall 14 x 18  $400.00

Moving energy 24 x 24  $900.00
River Scene 16 x 20  $450.00

Road Along the Shore 24 x 30 $1000.00

Sacred geometry involves sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art. The basic belief is that geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion are also found in music, light, cosmology. This value system is seen as widespread even in prehistory, a cultural universal of the human condition.

Sacred Geometry Green Circle 20 x 30  $900.00
Sacred Geometry 4 and 5 Red  24 x 36  $1000.00
Sacred Geometry Patterns 26 x 48 $1800.00

Sacred Geometry Shelter 18 x 18  $450.00

Sacred Geometry # 6  16 x 20  $500.00
Sacred Geometry Evening Star 20 x24  $600.00
Sacred Geometry Structure 24 x 30 $1000.00
Sacred Geometry Whirling Nine 24 x 30 $1000.00
Sacred Geometry Moving Triangles 36 x 48  $1800.00
Sacred Geometry Seven Sides in a Square 24 x 30 $1000.00
Pink House  Reproduction on canvas stretched on frame
30 x 40 $300.00 
Red Canoe reproduction print on canvas stretched on frame
30 x 40 $300.00
Two Boats on the Shore 16 x 20 $500.00
Wild Crabapple 16 x 20 $500.00
Yellow House 20 x 30 $900.00
Hayed Fields 18 x  24  $600.00
Country Path 16 x 20  $475.00
Low clouds over Marsh 18 x 24  $600.00
Playing Ball 12 x 24  $500.00
Bell on the Flag Pole 24 x 30  $850.00
Impact 24 x 24  $900.00
Fall Late Afternoon 18 x 24 $600.00
Cross Roads 18 x 24  $650.00
Cracks in the Sidewalk 18 x 24  $ 650.00
Coastal Islands 14 x 18  $ 400.00
Rolling Clouds 24 x 30  $1000.00