Sunday, November 2, 2014

First Snow

Here it is the second of November and it is snowing and blowing. The wind is whistling outside and the fire is crackling inside. I love the first snow storm, watching out the window as the wind blows the fat flakes diagonally in the air, covering the grass, still green, while I am warm and cozy by the fire. I am going to start painting a winter scene.

looking out toward the garden

my driveway  Snowing for 3 hours

Boo by the fire

Boo on my lap sitting by the fire

Thursday, October 30, 2014

another pet, new kitten

There is a new member in my pet family, a sweet little coon cat. As tiny as he is he can do all the things grown cats do, spit and arch his back, and sing. He can move pretty fast and can climb my pant leg and stay in my lap until I have to get up. My other cat Tippy, won't come in the house. As soon as he sees the kitten he hisses and runs away. Mira on the other hand is friendly with the kitten. I haven't named him yet. He is a little love bug.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Harvest

Bring in the vegetables

This is a Waldoboro turnip

Harvesting the vegetable

Lately I have been walking the dog out to this point about

Last nights sun set at the point

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Columbus Day Weekend
Oct 12th is Christopher's birthday and why he is named Christopher. Back when I was in school Columbus was a great person who decovered America. Later I learned he didn't decover America and he wasn't such a great guy. However he did cross the Alantic in those funny little ships and made it back to Spain and for those times that was a great accomplishment.

The fall weather has been nice, no frost yet here, inland there have been frosts. The color is better than last year but the leaves are drying up from lack on rain. On the day it got to 80 I went out in the kayak, went swimming and painted from the island. It was a perfect day.

I have to dig up carrots, leeks, beets onions,and turnips for storage. The summer squash is has stopped producing. Basil has been made into pesto.  I have eaten all my potatoes, kale will last until it is covered with snow. With all the weeds and bugs in the garden it is amazing that it produces so much food. My two Golden Comet chickens are still laying an egg a day.

Most galleries close after this holiday, even in Rockland where there are 25 galleries, they stay open less days and then close at Christmas. The Farnsworth holds the fort. I am so glad we have that wonderful little museum. There are so many great painters and creative people in Maine I don't understand why more people don't come here to buy art and fine craft.

Ken Davis a friend from the time I lived in Newburyport found me on face book and sent images of paintings he has of mine so I am sharing them.

Susan collecting stones
Nancy and Susan at Marshall Point Port Clide

Nancy and Susan came for a visit. The first afternoon we painted here on the cove I live on. They sat on the chairs and I sat down on the rocks. 

Scene on the Island wc 10 x 14
The day I took the kayak out and painted on the Island
Stone Pier wc 14 x 10
Nancy, Susan, and me ate our lunch here in Port Clide

Friendship House #3 wc 10 x 14
In Newburyport I painted many buildings. I was living in a city. I still like to paint architure but I am in the country and mostly paint Back Cove. I go to Friendship to pick up my mail where this house is.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Work week

It is Labor day, the last day of summer for a lot of people. Children are going back to school, or have already started. It is a warm muggy day. This summer has been one of the coolest, most days in the seventies and low eighties, just right for me.
Doug and Christina came up a couple of weeks ago and spent the whole time working. They stacked the wood, mowed the lawn, weeded, cleared brush, and weed wacked the overgrowth. Most of the old wood got burned in a big bon fire.
A shed that was falling apart was taken down and was part of the bon fire. Doug put in new windows in the barn studio. Christina sorted and cleaned. She is a wonderful organizer. The van was filled three times for dump runs. After a week Christina went back to Amesbury and Doug stayed and kept working. Old houses are in constant need of repair.  I can,t keep up with what needs to be done, so I do what I can. I am blessed to have children that take care of this place. I am blessed to have children that are loving and caring, creative, interesting children, that are wonderful adults, making the world a better place.There are so many interesting people in my life. There in not on person that does not influnce another. We are entangled.
While Doug was working I went out to the shore with the dogs and painted.
As the expression is a picture is like a thousand words so I am including some images of work week.

Doug and Christina at Homer,s studio Prouts Neck

Doug spends a lot of time on his I phone

The wood pile

Garden in the front of the house

Starting the fire

Bon fire

Weeds in the garden

After weeding

Stacked wood, Doug weedwacking in the back of the house

New windows in barn studio

Watercolor painted when Doug was here

Watercolor painted while Doug was here

Watercolor with Christinia,s dog. Dogs were with me when I painted.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I am outwitted be the animals and bugs. After planting my vegetables, to keep the chickens out of the garden I enclosed their coop with a flimsy enclosure, then one day about a week ago I saw them roaming the yard. I thought I fixed the place they got out but when I went out to weed who should appear but the two chickens looking for worms as I pulled the weeds and uncovered the dirt. I put them back in their enclosure and watched. One of they them is smarter then the other. The original way to get out didn't work so the darker colored chicken jumped up on the the pen that is part of their coop and after looking over the situation took off and flew over the three foot wire fence. Now the both of them are happily free and going where they please. One photo shows them taking a dust bath up by the flower bed I just weeded. 
These chickens lay huge eggs as you can see in the photo.
Now I must spent time building a higher, stronger fence. 
You probably think I have beautiful prolific gardens, because I take great photos of the flowers and vegetables. I don't show you the weeds and bug eaten vegetables. Well here is a photo of a bug eaten kale plant, hardly surviving.
One day I was talking to Doug, my brilliant son on the computer with face time and the lamp shade was over his head. It was so funny I took a photo with my camera of the computer screen.

The cove I live near. The place I paint. The place where I swim and go for a paddle in the kayak.

   Sorry we are not home right now. We flew over the chicken coop.
Would anyone like to help mow the lawn and weed the garden?  I need goats not chickens.

Is this an angel or a guy with a dunce cap?

big eggs

This is fun. Taking a dirt bath.

where are we going? 

always together

the bugs are wining