Saturday, July 23, 2016

Back in Eugene

 Went to the Saturday market this morning. Ate a fresh fig, very ripe and sweet. My own garden grew into a mass of big plants all tangled into each other. All in a months time, as you can see in the photos.  
More about the  trip back east in my next blog. It was one month of packed events, from MA to ME and back to MA., trips to the islands in ME and visiting relatives south of Boston, potlucks and dinners out,  being with friends I won't see for another year.

one month ago

pole beans

tomato plant

basil, kale tomato
below, different views of my room

back wall window, my bed

a few of my favorite possessions, the morris chair, wicker chair and rug
books and paints behind chair, paper and paintings in draws

It is a very small space

storage behind curtain

last nights view from the 14th floor

last rays of sunlight

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Show time

Here I am in the Newburyport Art Association hanging the show. Even though many years have gone by since I had a show here it seems like yesterday to me. Time is a funny thing. The mind is always in the now but the body proves the passage of time. My friend Alice did all the preparation, a great job with the publicity, articles in every paper,  describing my involvement  from the time the art association building was purchased back in the seventies. Doug and Alice hung the paintings. It always takes a while  to arrange them. The abstracts in one section  are paintings from the sacred geometry series of which I did fifty paintings. The other paintings are scenes of Maine and a few of Amesbury where Doug lives. The show is one week and ends Sunday July 3rd. There is a reception Thursday  June 30,  from 5 to 8. With all the publicity I am expecting a good crowd and hopefully people I haven't seen for many years. It will be interesting to see people that bough my paintings when I lived in Newburyport long ago. 
I have been posting my adventures of the move from Maine to Eugene OR for those that are interested, my way of keeping in touch in this age of technology.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Covering the Tunnel

Chris took me to the farm to watch the workers put plastic over the hoop tunnel. A dark cloud rolled in when they started and then the wind and rain came. The pictures tell the story. They couldn't get it over  and then the wind got under it and it sailed over to the next hoop tunnel. The shower pasted and the sun came out. The next try they got it covered with no problems.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Saturday Market, and view from 14th floor

The outdoor market takes place every Saturday, a space for the vegetable market and the space for crafts, music and food.This last Saturday was a beautiful day and the market was crowded with people. Everyone was having a good time, dancing and listening to the jazz music, sitting at the tables, eating, enjoying the surroundings. Old people danced, young people danced and old and young danced together, (man with white beard with young girl with long hair).It is like the old hippy days, skirts, tie dyed shirts and all kinds of hats. People talk to each other, people they don't know. It is a friendly place.
After the market I went for a bike ride along the river. It is wonderful to see so many people out in the park, walking, with dogs, with family, eating at picnic tables, lying on the grass, children playing. There are foot bridges that cross the river and I made a loop from my side across to the other side and back to my side about I guess four miles.
The stone stairs go to the top of Skinner's Butte, a high hill that looks out over the city. From my window I look out to the trees on Skinners Butte and east to hills.
Different times of day

late afternoon

looking south from 14 floor

stairs going up to Skinners Butte

Skinners Butte from across the river