Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My move into Ya Po Ah

on the property at Ya Po Ah

I have not had a way of communicating until now. The computer was connected yesterday so I can send emails but the phone is not working yet.
I moved into my apartment on the 14th floor at Ya Po Ah  the tallest building in Eugene.on the 19th of April. I get the greatest views. It is fantastic being up so high. I have been walking around getting to know the neighborhood. I am finding many things to paint, new to me so different from the subjects of Maine. I see hawks, vultures, and an eagle fly by my window view. The eagle is nesting on the top of Skinners Butte which is the park I face, as my apartment is on the north side. There are some interesting houses near by, interesting colors very few white houses. The landscaping is formal, so many interesting plants. I look at everything. Right now the Azaleas, rhododendrons and roses and other plants I don't know are blooming. It is a riot of colors. I haven't painted here yet. I am soaking it in. The bank, post office and farmers outside market are within walking distance. There is a movie theater around the corner, 2 dollars on Tuesdays. I have walked to the river.
I bought a 3 wheel bicycle from a person here that can't ride anymore. I thought it would be easy but it is not so I am practicing in the parking lots. When I get better at it I plan to put my paints in the basket and go out and paint. The bike paths are everywhere and go along the river for miles. I don't plan to go on the roads where the traffic is.
Doug left on the 26th of April and is back in Amesbury, MA.  Chris is working everyday at the farm. Sunday I took the bus to Chris't house, Diane was home and I worked in the garden. It was a warm day, in the eighties. The buses are free for ceniors. I have a card with my picture on it and it looks like a drivers license. I show the card when I get on the bus. Everyone is very helpful here.
Ya Po Ah has a bus that goes to the super market once a week. There are some activities, a dining room,  laundry room, computer and tv room. Saturday night is movie night and I have been to two, West Side Story and the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. The philosophy group meets on Tuesdays and I plan to go to those meetings. There are exercise classes and I plan to join one. I have met some of the other residents all very interesring people. So I am settling in and enjoying my new home and surroundings.
I think about every one and miss  Back Cove.  The peepers must be in full voice, singing everynight. Do keep in touch.

from the 14th floor looking south toward city

looking toward the collage stadium 

the river

looking south down town

looking north east 14th floor

house near by

victorian museum next door

Ya Po Ah

downtown sidewalk plants

hedge same street that Ya Po Ah is on

many places to eat outside

farmers market

farmers market

down the street from Ya Po Ah

Ya Po Ah in background

Ya Po Ah in background

many flowering plants

flowering tree

Thursday, April 14, 2016


dogwood in front of Chris's house
This is what spring looks like in Eugene. It has been sunny most of the time. The temperature varies a lot, cool at night and warm when the sun is out, 60ies and a few days in the 80ies. The apartment is not ready. They apparently had to do more work on it then expected. I have been planting the vegetable garden at Chris's house, walking around the area to familiarize myself to the landscape. So many beautiful trees and shrubs, very well manicured. It is too neat and pretty to paint. It is a little wilder out at the farm which is about 20 minites from Chris's house. I have to absorb stuff for awhile before I can paint it. Everything is in storage including my painting materials. I should be moving into the apartment next week.
The road is out by the house and the driveway leads to the barn, at the farm
The farm

Chris's home in Eugene

Neighborhood around Chris's home

Spring in full bloom

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Rock Formations

Synopsis of trip
double click to enlarge image

Our truck is on the right
The trip.You never know how large a country is until you travel through it. We did not dilly- dally around. Doug drove the whole way, eight hours and more a day. We went from MA , to Conn.,through NY and PA then Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Oregon. From MA to Indiana the landscape was similar to New England. There are thousands of trucks on the highways, moving stuff from one end of the country to the other end. Billboards  on the roadsides advertising everything, lots of farms, everything big and spread out. The landscape leveled out. We came to the prairies. Then it was wide open space, land not used and big farms, many wind mills, for energy. It seemed to take forever to get through Kansas. It is level but we were 4 thousand feet above sea level. There was some snow on the ground in Kansas.
 From Denver down to Utah the landscape was dramatic. Driving through the Rockies was spectacular, closed in, steep rock formations, climbing, climbing, winding eleven thousand feet, snow, mist, overcast so mountains could not be seen clearly, still a fabulous drive. Then decending , steep grades. Doug had to drive in low gears. We went through Vail the fameous ski area. It took several hours to get through the majar part of the mountains. We drove along the Colorado River. The Rock formations were cilfs dropping down to the highway. We went through Glenwood canyon, still folowing the river. That night we stayed at Grand Jct. and the next day went to Moment and Archers National Parks. You know how much I love rocks. No picture can decribe the feeling standing beneath or looking up and out to cliffs hundreds of feet high. The color of the rocks especially in late day sun with the shadows was magnificent. Every corner we went around was o my god, look at that, the wonderful shaps, towering up, marching across the horizon. At Archers we had to hike out to Delicate Arch, a three mile round trip. I am not in great shape and it was all up hill to the arch. I had to rest along the way but I made it, and it was worth the hike. There were a lot of people hiking even babies in carriages and small clildren, all doing better then me, although I did not see many old people on the trail.The park is huge and we saw a small portion of it. You need days to see all the special arches and named rock shapes. That was the highlight of the trip and I am glad we saw some of it. We drove on through more interesting rock cliffs and then the land flatened out in Idaho and eastern Oregon. We crossed the mountains, stopped to see some waterfalls and then on to Eugene. So that is it in a snapshot.