Monday, September 19, 2016

Home in Maine

my home in Maine

Mira resting with her paws crossed

Lucy came over with Mira and we went for a walk. I emailed to Lucy some photos of Mira when she was a puppy. I got her when she was 8 week old. I started looking at photos of my home in Maine and when I do that I some times cry because I love where I lived and I miss the place. For me it is the most beautiful place I have ever been and I am so thankful I lived there for 32 years. It was hard to let it go. The place is a part of me.  Memories are not the same as being there , experiencing the wholeness of a place, sights, sounds, weather, fog and sun, heat and cold. Nature has always been my companion, fills me with peace and awe. I would sit on the rocks of the shore of the cove being very thankful for the beauty all around me. Doug and Christina now own the house. I do not know how they will experience the cove. I do hope they will love it there.
Below a few of the many paintings made of my property on Back Cove

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remembrance of 911

I thought this might be of interest
I live in the tallest building in Eugene. Soon after it was built back in the 1960ies they made a law no other building could be built as tall. Today in memory of Sept 11, 2001 there is a ceremony at Ya Po Ah with bag pipes and a little speech. The firemen climb the stairs of the 18 floors, 14 times, up and down, which is the amount of stairs the firemen climbed at the world trade center.

as seen from different places

sunday trip

building in Brownsvile, interesting shadows
Today was the trip to Brownsville, a town that looks something like it did when it was  settled about1850. It was a busy place with a woolen mill, a gris mill and a lumber mill. Lucy for us the museum was open and that was very interesting. We went to the park for our picnic lunch and found a huge dog show going on. I enjoyed seeing the dogs. The bus from Ya Po Ah holds 14 people and it was full.
Now it is the end of summer, shorter days, still warm and I ride to the river every day and take a dip in the river. I have been painting some. Nothing turning out very good but I still enjoy the effort, different subjects I have to integrate into my mind. Life is easy and simple, all the time in the world to do what I want when I want, no responsibilities, enough money, I never realized I would live like this. I enjoy all my time, observing everything. My days are full. I am thankful, grateful,  that I can enjoy life as I am now.

on the way

calapooia river at the park

People drive from all over for dog shows and they camp in comfort.

it is like a western town

nothing open, nobody around

I guess everyone was at the dog show

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

photos of Charlie

Charlie had a wonderful face but he would never sit for me.

Sometimes I go through friend's photos on face book. It is interesting that most people take photos of important events like family gatherings, birthdays, etc, a record of their loved ones. I always take photos of things that interest me that can be a painting. Everyday I go outside I take my camera. I observe everything, there is so much beauty and interesting things to look at. You might say observing life is my main focus in life. However I have taken some  photos of my family and friends. I start with Charlie. Hope you enjoy seeing some of the people in my life. I will post more latter.

Nancy made this hat for Charlie, now Doug wears it

We were married July 22, 1961

Charlie and Moka. Charlie always wore a hat, because our house in Newburyport was always cold.
 The house in Maine was warmer but Charlie continued to wear his hat.

Charlie took lots of naps. Our house was not always warm.

Charlie spent every day composing music. He had great knowledge of  musical composition. He never just played for the sake of playing. He loved to play with other musicians.

The painting on the wall is a painting I did of a jazz jam

Xar was a student when she started playing with Charlie

Charlie's last days. He died May 7, 2007

Mike took over the jams

The jaz james moved to Thomaston ME

Listening to the drummer

break time at the jam

Xar with her base at a jam in Thomaston

Mike's solo