Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Fall November 7

view from 1the 14th floor
Here we are into the days of less sunlight and long hours of darkness. It is also the time of looking forward to the holidays. Here in Eugene Halloween was a sunny day the first time it wasn't raining since 2006. Also the Saturday market was a warm and beautiful day as was the mushroom festival. That was the last of a beautiful fall, brilliant colors, as good as a colorful fall in New England. There are many different trees here that don’t grow in Maine and I have some fall foliage photos. The city streets are lined with trees. Half the leaves have fallen and the sidewalks are covered in beautiful colors.
I have included a few of the Halloween pictures. The preschool children came to visit and paraded past the Ya Po Ah residents all waiting in the lobby for them. Then at night we had our karaoke party.

still blooming
I have never seen iris bloom in fall
grape leaves over basement windows
my neighborhood
from Ya Po Ah 
View of Ya Po Ah
Trees alone the street
different leaves
more leaves
lots of acones this year
oak leaves

Ya Po Ah party
I am nature
the children
there were 59 children
space cadet
a big bag for a little guy
the old and the young
I believe I am a baker
see you next year

Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall in Eugene

pine cone hat
This is the day before Halloween and the people of Eugene love this season and everyone gets into it. old and young. It has been a  beautiful fall not much rain and warm weather. Fall colors are intense, just like back east as you can see by the photos below. Saturday market two days ago was a beautify day and everyone was out. It was also the ducks foot ball game and people of Eugene are active ducks lovers. Even if they don’t go to the game they dress in the green and yellow outfits. I wandered around the craft booths after I did the farmers market. below are photos of people dress up in interesting cloths. The people are not inhibited and all kinds of people can be seen at the market enjoying themselves. 
Sunday I went to the Mushroom Festival at Mount Pisgah Park, 15 minutes outside Eugene in beautiful farm country. Thousands go to this festival. There are displays, food,(great mushroom soup) lectures, walks, hayrides and products related to mushrooms. Many people young and old dressed in costumes and nature outfits. Some of us Ya Po Ah residents went on the hay ride. It was a fun day. 
There is a Halloween, Karaoke party here at Ya PO Ah. I made a pine cone hat to wear to the party. Costumes are encouraged. 
I have been going to Chris’t farm about one a week. I bring a book and my paints. This is their major harvest time.   

painting made at the farm
fall color
leaves in puddle
fall color
large maple huge leaves 10 in. across
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wall with graffiti
sun flowers
all kinds of pepers
flowers for sale
cat lady
lots of costumes
spider man
older lady with little hat
pumpkin display
farm land
some costumes
more costumes
hay ride
hay ride
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entrants to mushroom festival
scare crow  display
all ages
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all styles