Thursday, November 12, 2015

Paintings of Newburyport

For the people that still live in the Newburyport area I am posting the paintings I have of Newburyport, old ones painted when I lived there and ones I painted from photos here in Maine. Anyone interested in buying any of these paintings email me for a price. I will be moving to Eugene OR within the next year.

Surfs Up 10 x 15
Paint on the Wall  21 x 29
Vines on the Wall 21 x 29
Stream Bed  13.5 x  21
House by the River 14 x 21
Stop  29 x 21
Old Shed 21 x 29
March Day 18 x 15
Winter Wreath  21 x 29
Still Standing  14 x 21
Window Sunlight  21 x 29
Second Story 21 x 29
Two Doors  21 x 14
Head Stones in Church Yard  21 x 14
Coca Cola 13 x 19
Bridge Gate 14 x 21
Boatyard Buildings 14 x 21
Potter  21x 29
Doug Carving NFS
Artist at the Easel  21 x 30
Working at the Desk   27 x 40 NFS
Built for Comfort 21 x 29
Attic Stairs   23 x 32
Two Chairs 32 x 23
Bedroom  22.5 x 31.5 NFS
Back Stairs  NFS
Resting 36 x 48 NFS
Bedroom at Twilight  35 x 40 NFS

Bedroom from Hallway 28 5 x 29 NFS

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22

It is a rainy day, yesterday a nice day  after two day of rain that soaked into the earth and all the weeds, plants and grass  grew 6 inches. It is amazing. I have to weed and mow but I have fresh good food to eat. A friend said weeds are plants that are in the wrong place. My lawn has more dandelions then grass and I don’t care but I pull them out of the vegetable garden. 
I ran into an artist  friend older then myself  and she said “I doesn’t paint anymore. I did my best paintings when I was in my seventies. She said I like where I live, I like my house and I like walking around it and enjoying the place.” Are we all content with our place! Are we content with our work, with our age with our home with our state of being? Older people like my self look back on their lives, a continuation of waves that constantly move seemingly forward with their crests and troughs and one thinks, have i learned anything, have I changed, am I satisfied  with my life, am I content and happy. I was lucky to be born  with a calm disposition, and a creative nature that has giving me the awareness to observe and appreciate. I don’t know if I learned from my mistakes, or doing things the wrong way. That part is the trough and part of life that is constantly changing. There are times of challenging situations and time of everything going great. They are connected, like the yang, yin of the Chinese circle, or two sides of a coin. I can’t say I did my best paintings in my seventies. I will say it has been cyclic, times when I saw differently. If one is to judge ones work, through every period, I made good and not so good paintings.  It is interesting to look back and see what sparked a change. Always painting is exciting for me, in the moment, challenging, working toward a finished picture that I have an idea of what it will look like. If each step is done correctly, or corrected as it happens, usually the painting will be successful, no different then living life itself. The really good paintings lift me to the crest and when I don’t succeed I say I did it before  and I can do it again.
Now I have hundreds of paintings stored in this house. Some I am very attached to. I look at them everyday hanging on my walls. I enjoyed painting each one but now they are a burden, stored in closets, under beds, against the walls. I almost died this winter and my children would have had to deal  with the paintings. They say there is a solution  to every problem. I don’t know what the answer is. I have read to visualize the goal, and the way to the goal will  fall into place. I would like my paintings on other peoples walls. Believe this has happened, right!  I have never been good at  visualization or changing the negative  beliefs about selling my art. I know I have mentioned this before. Other artists have the same problem. Does anyone have an idea?

some spring paintings from the past
two Iris 16 x 20
spring bouquet  sold
roses and lupine   sold
lilacs in bloom 24 x 36   sold
house with the yellow trim16 x 20   sold
flower garden      sold

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The flowering of spring Thursday june 17
Today is a perfect day, light breeze, sunshine, intense color, and the right temperature.
June has been a great month of fine weather and the abundance of growth and flowering, of fireflies in the evening, of frog songs of birds songs of the smell of lilacs and fields of lupins swaying in the breeze. My flower gardens are at the height of flowering and I spend a lot of time getting pleasure from looking at everything. The vegetable garden is doing well also and I am eating green already. I have spent a lot of time outside weeding and planting, walking the dog, and I have also been painting some. My strength and energy is much better. I am tired my days end and fall asleep as soon as I get into bed.
There was a good turnout for my reception at Tidemark, very few people have been in since and no sales but I didn't do anything to promote it. It is up to the end of June. I always have paintings at Tidemark along with about eight other artists.  It is the only gallery I am in right now.  Doug has been up  mowing and weedwacking. I can't keep up with outside work. It is always overgrown but is more beautiful to me then some well kept gardens. People around here are always mowing their lawns which are huge and need riding mowers. I am not into lawns, I like the fields and wildflowers.  The  fields are where the fireflies hang out in the evening.
Below are this years gardens.