Monday, July 3, 2017

JUly 2 Happy 4th

Breezy Day

Hi everyone
I will be in Maine soon for a month, from July 12 to August 14.Doug will pick me up in Portland after a 12 hour red eye trip, change planes 3 times and long waits between flights. It is wonderful that I can stay in my old house that Doug and Christina now live in. I miss the place and the cove, rocks and salt water, and friends. The phone number for the Back cove house is 207 790 8360 Doug’s cell phone is 978 609 1255. See you all soon.
 I paint at the farm, mostly  the tall pines. Now there is a big vegetable garden so I can make paintings of the cabbages. They are huge and already many cabbages and broccoli  harvested by the workers, 
I have been to the river almost every day for a dip. The water is cold so I don’t float around to long. It is fun to watch the ducks, geese, dogs and people
 I have painted 2 paintings of Maine. The Breezy Day is a made up scene.
Happy 4th of July

River Scene

Field road

At the farm

down at the river

Keeping cool

Monday, June 19, 2017

Father's day

Scotch Broom  Chris's farm
 My last post was a month ago and now it is Father’s Day. It has been a cool spring with more rain then usual. Normal is not normal anymore. Today was beautiful and I went to the river to check out the water for swimming, still very cold. Went by the rose garden and walked about. Everything in bloom now, reminds me of Monet’s paintings of his gardens. Everything is lush and grows in profusion. Christopher has a vegetable garden at the farm and I have never seen cabbages and broccoli as big as his . The leaves are two feet across and the cabbage heads are fully developed about ten inches in diameter. 
I go to the Saturday market to buy any vegetables I don’t grow. This is the height of strawberry season. I get out and walk everyday and I have my own little garden plot. Lots of things to do here, the time zips by. I have made my plane flight and I will leave for Maine July 11 and return to Eugene August 15. Hope to see everyone when I get back East. Chris will be in Maine for a week during the time I am there so we will all be together as a whole family and I look forward to that. Doug as you know owns my house in Maine and he has been working on it since he and Christina moved there last summer. The upstairs attic bedrooms are finished and the house and barn have a foundation. I believe he has pictures on Face book of the work in progress. I am sending lots of photos, better then words can describe.

Chris's step daughter Haley

Haley is a dancer. This is Friday Art walk entertainment

Saturday market

boxes of strawberries under table

beautiful displays

lots of carrots

my peas

Chris's broccoli

Chris's cabbage

me in the water at the river

geese and goslings

A little early to do this. Floating down the river, cold water


The rose garden

Monday, May 22, 2017

Rhododendron Festival

Florence bridge
Sunday I went on the Ya Po Ah bus trip to the Rhododendron Festival in the coastal town of Florence. The road to the coast passes through hills following the river. Rhododendrons, witches’ broom, wild iris, lupin, and dogwood can be seen along the roadside. The beautiful bridge is in Florence. Crafts, food vendors and a small Carnival are set up along the boardwalk and the downtown shops and restaurant are close by on the Bay. There is an exhibition of rhododendrons, an amazing variety of colors and shapes from very small to large clusters of blossoms. Hundreds of families come in to watch the parade and they stake out there places with their chairs. They were there long before the parade started.  The parade is a community event, with high school bands, clowns, dressed up dogs, horses, and floats. I am not a parade fan but this one was fun and reminded me of the 4th of July parades in Roundpond ME. Along with the many children there were many dogs and even a pig. It is a tradition the bikers come to the festival and there are hundreds of bikes parked side by side down down. For those that like bikes they were awesome. It was a beautiful day and just the right temperature. We all, ten of us on the bus,  had a good time and most came home with a small treasure bought in one of the shops or craft tents.
along the river

witches's broom
I love stones so I bought these pendants. Each one about 2 in big.


motorcycles parked downtown

along the board walk


this horse was performing that special walk. It was beautiful to watch.